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At Sky, we want to minimise our environmental impact and inspire our people, partners and customers to do the same.  We are always looking for new ways to engage people so when Worldview Learning demonstrated their ‘discover’ platform we quickly realised its potential to help us to deliver sustainability messages and promote positive behavioural change.

Worldview Learning worked hard to fully understand our aims and tailored their ‘discover’ platform to meet our requirements.  The result was a 3D virtualisation of our offices where users could navigate to areas most important to us and explore energy, sustainability and carbon based information.  In addition to the energy awareness eLearning, quizzes and information ‘hotspots’ they also included easy to understand near real time energy data on a floor by floor basis that can be fed back to the users.

Our initial aim is to bring this information to our staff through a touchscreen kiosk installed in a breakout area.  I’m really excited about the potential of the ‘discover’ platform and hope to see it deployed more widely as part of Sky’s ongoing sustainability engagement campaigns – particularly as we continue to redevelop our headquarters campus in West London.

Throughout the project, the Worldview Learning team was proactive and showed terrific flexibility and professionalism.  I have little doubt that we will see many other companies employ the ‘discover’ platform in their own sustainability campaigns.